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What is Pentesting?

Pentesting, or Penetration Testing, is a series of simulated, scheduled, manual cyber attacks that help to detect, identify and exploit weaknesses within a range of environments. We determine how exploitable these vulnerabilities are, plus their individual and combined impact, issuing a final report with recommendations, a high level non-technical summary and additional metrics.Think of it as the crash test for your new app, your user-friendly web platform or your upgraded office network; you want to make sure your users are safe before handing over the keys!

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Why Should I Conduct a Pentest?

It’s no surprise that CEOs list cyberattacks as the biggest global threat to business. Research found that in 2021 the global cost of cyber crime was 6.5billion US Dollars and is only set to climb, not to mention a realm of new challenges regarding online security thanks to Covid-19. Pentesting plays a huge role in informing your Cyber Risk Management Strategy, highlighting where you may be vulnerable to attack and allowing you to make the right decisions to manage risks before an attacker gets there first.Falling victim to cyber attack can have devastating financial and reputational implications, no matter the size of your business or the industry you're in. Even with a suite of comprehensive security measures in place, no company is ever fully protected against a growing community of determined and skilled attackers. It is vital to regularly test your security setup against the latest attack techniques, be that your web apps, office networks or even your staff as they're reading their emails.

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Full Service Pentesting


In what can be an increasingly impersonal industry, we value meaningful connections. Rest assured we value honesty and hold ourselves to the same security standards we recommend.


Our products and services are tailored to the needs and specifications of your business. Just fire us an email and we'll make it happen.


Our network of highly trained, multilingual Senior Pentesters work globally with companies of all sizes and sectors.

How We Work

We take great pride in our client-focused and experienced approach. Each of our services is specifically tailored to your needs and delivered by an expert senior tester in the field. From initial scoping to determine your needs and expectations, through the proposal and prep stages, to the testing, reporting and follow-up, our experienced consultants and account managers will be on hand throughout. No drama.

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We are a multilingual team of skilled Senior Pentesters

The Azacus team have experience across a broad range of industries and sectors. We regularly scrutinise and update our own knowledge of exploits and attack techniques, continually developing our network and expertise to remain at the absolute peak of our profession.

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Sample Report

Our Pentest Reports contain extensive details of the vulnerabilities identified throughout our engagement. This example report gives an idea of what information you can expect to find and how we present our findings to both your technical and non-technical stakeholders.

Our Mission & Values

We know that security requires trust and honesty. Our promise to you is that we will always hold ourselves to the very highest standards of technical and professional integrity, from day one. We believe in supporting businesses at all stages of their journeys; every business matters and your security is key.

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What exactly is a

A penetration test, sometimes also referred to as Ethical Hacking, is a pre-arranged and fully agreed simulated attack of a technological asset. The different phases of a full engagement may vary but they typically comprise a pre-assessment call where you’ll express your objectives and needs, the pentest itself and the reporting phase that culminates in a full report delivered to you within five days after finalisation. If you wish, we typically recommend a post-assessment call to allow both teams to discuss the results of the engagement.


How often should I have a Pentest?

Businesses are generally advised to conduct a pentest at least once a year, as well as after any migrations, significant upgrades or modifications to their network. However, Azacus strongly advise on quarterly pentesting due to the speed at which new exploits are identified. Regular testing is often required for compliance with regulations such as PCI DSS.


How long will a Pentest take?

This varies based on the scope of the test but can be anything from a couple of days to weeks. Things that can affect the length of an engagement include the type of the test itself, network or application size, if it is internal or external facing, client-side technical limitations, etc.


Pentesting vs Automated Scans?

I run regular vulnerability scans, isn’t that enough?  Vulnerability scanning comprises an automated scan executed by a program, whereas Pentesting combines this approach with manual testing and exploitation of vulnerabilities to provide a much more in-depth assessment of hidden weaknesses. Pentesting is much more akin to “real” malicious hacking.


Is Pentesting necessary for smaller businesses?

I’m a small company with limited budget but I know I need my cybersecurity tested – is Pentesting available for me?  The short answer is yes. Azacus services range in size and cost but our team will work with you to provide the most comprehensive and useful package based on your budgets. We always recommend putting cybersecurity high on your list of priorities; with the average cost of a data breach currently over £2m, the alternative can be devastating.


What should I do with my Azacus Pentest report?

We always recommend reading your Pentest report in full, with the support of your wider technical team. Mitigation of vulnerabilities can be provided by a number of cybersecurity managed services companies ahead of a retest to ensure all changes have been effective. We also offer a call with the lead tester to run through the report with you and/or your technical team if desired.

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