Cybersecurity Consultancy
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Azacus' full service cybersecurity testing and reporting
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What is Pentesting?

We know that cybersecurity testing can be straightforward to some and daunting to others! Either way, we’ll arrange a meeting to learn about your company and complete a Pre-Proposal Questionnaire together. The information captured will be used to propose a tailored course of action suited to your specific needs, resources and requirements. We then conduct detailed scoping calls ahead of each engagement to ensure we fully understand your business operations and that all necessary preparations are in place.

Penetration testing comprises a robust investigation into the security of select networks, applications and devices. We take a tailored, manual approach to vulnerability identification and exploitation across all of our engagements, meaning we provide far more than an automated scan; we undertake an aggressive simulated hack of your infrastructure before a threat actor gets there first. We utilise a variety of open source and commercial pentesting tools, manually performing tests over an agreed and designated period of time without causing harm to your services.

Our tests are designed to identify and safely exploit vulnerabilities while keeping any possible disruption to an absolute minimum. We also keep in touch throughout testing to reassure you should there be any unexpected activity; again anything unexpected rarely takes place due to our detailed briefing ahead of testing getting underway.

Azacus’ CEO Security Consultant will supervise on every test, allocating specific engagements to our community of experienced testers, dependent on their area of expertise. This approach means we always assign each engagement to the most experienced testers we have for your identified needs.

Ready to get started?See below our full and comprehensive list of services.

Web Application Testing

Web apps comprise all your applications accessed via web browser; this means that if your company website uses a public web browser, any specific private networks or interfaces such as APIs, you are vulnerable to regularly evolving attacks and would benefit significantly from a web application pentest.


External Infrastructure Testing

Your company’s network infrastructure is essential in maintaining business operations. External infrastructure includes any VPN/remote accessibility measures, your network storage solutions, any servers containing sensitive data, all networked workstations, scanners, printers and isolated VLANS and of course your network perimeters.


Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability assessments, or VA scans, are automated security scans that give a general indication on the state of your organisation’s security. Azacus’ VA service helps to define, identify and classify known vulnerabilities in your infrastructure quickly and without the time-consuming burden of internally conducted security audits.


OSINT Information Disclosure

Open-source intelligence (OSINT) is data collected from publicly available sources that can be used to compromise your company’s security. An OSINT Information Disclosure report helps you to understand the complete internet footprint of your business and how it can be used against you.


Cyber Essentials (UK)

Certifying with the Cyber Essentials scheme is the quickest and easiest way to reassure all your key stakeholders that you are taking a certain level of consideration regarding your cybersecurity. The Cyber Essentials scheme forms the UK Government’s baseline cybersecurity standard. It lays out the fundamental technical security controls that an organisation should have in place to defend against Internet based threats.


Phishing Campaigns

It’s often said that the weakest link in any cybersecurity infrastructure is human in nature… Phishing is the art of enticing a victim to click on a malicious link and is a core component of Social Engineering. Whether phishing attacks are generic, organisation-wide or individually targeted in nature they can be potentially devastating.


Cloud Auditing

If your company has recently migrated to the Cloud or is considering doing so then a Cloud Auditing test is highly recommended. With the popularity of cloud hosting growing exponentially, so too is the determination of threat actors to access sensitive data via an expanding range of vulnerabilities and exploits. We provide detailed and tailored security assessments of your Office 365, AWS, Azure or Google Cloud setup and practices, reporting back on any vulnerabilities so that you can take remedial actions right away.


Code Review

You won’t hear this often, but we love code! Time constraints and huge amounts of pressure in programming can lead to in-code software vulnerabilities that are all-too commonly exploited by attackers. An Azacus secure code review will identify any vulnerabilities within software, backend application logic or API source code and will reassure you that all your apps have been developed to defend against potential attacks.